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Odd Instruments

The ODDTONES employ a variety of unusual instruments with which many folks are not familiar. Below is a bit of information about some, but not all, of these.


Trumps (Jew's Harps) from around the World - These are from Hungary

(Jew's Harp, Juice Harp, Jaw Harp)

The Jew's Harp is a small musical instrument which is held against the teeth or lips, and plucked with the fingers.

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The Jew's Harp Guild


Mouth Music Press

Known by over 900 names, it has appeared in most cultures of the world in one form or another. Trumps of bone, wood, or other organic materials have been in use for thousands of years. Iron or steel trumps may date back to before Roman times.


Wayland playing Didj

Most of the Didj's The ODDTONES use are made by us. The others are handmade gifts from friends and local artists.

(Yidaki, Yirdaki, Didjeridoo, Didgeridoo)


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More on Yidaki

Considered one of the oldest known mouth instruments, the didjeridu is usually referred to as an Australian aboriginal relic. There it is cut from trees hollowed out by termites , or, by some accounts, in some regions made from bamboo. It is a major implement in the "dream culture" of the aboriginal peoples. 

It has been recently suggested that perhaps other cultures have employed some form of the didjeridu, made from whatever local materials were available. The petroglyphs found in the American Southwest of Kokopelli suggest a hunched figure holding a long pipe up to its mouth.   It is  possible that this figure was playing a hollow agave cactus stalk which grows in the area and makes fantastic didjeridus. The Tibetans and Swiss also play long metal horns which greatly resemble didjeridus. Similarly, the Hebrew Shofar and the Hawaiian conch shell are played in a like manner.


Wayland's Ashiko

Ashiko, Djembe (African hand drums)

Ancient drum designs from North and West Africa

^ The Ashiko: a drum design from North Africa and Asia. It is conical in shape, made of wood, and covered with a head of hide, usually of goat or deer. Wayland built this one of mostly oak and ash.

Mark's Djembe


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^  The Djembe (pronounced GEM-bay) is goblet shaped, usually made of African Mahogany with a head of goatskin. This one is from the Susu tribe of Gambia.  (purchased from Ben Pursley of DRUM CENTRAL in Boise.)


Standard maple model Clackamore

by Wayland Harman

A percussive trump.  This instrument, held lightly to the lips, produces a wonderful array of wood block sounds with mouth and throat controlled pitch.

Designed, delveloped, and patented by Wayland.

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Wayland plays a RidgeBow MouthBows
by Wayland Harman
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Nose Flute
(Humanatone, Nose Whistle)


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Nose Flute


waterphn.jpg (84195 bytes) Waterphone
by Richard Waters



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Waterphone Website

waterph1.jpg (30500 bytes)
Designed, delveloped, and patented by Richard Waters of Hawaii, this unusual  bowed instrument can be heard on many movie soundtracks. It is reknowned for its eeire, suspense-filled qualities.

Wayland traded mouthbows and other items for a "good one" from Richard.


Assorted Percussion
Other Unusual Instruments The ODDTONES Use:

Rain Stick


(finger piano)