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Scott Burman


(Jews Harps)

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North American Jew's Harp Festival - 1997 Highlights

Compact Disc - Total Time : 54:13

US$12.00 each

North American Jew's Harp Festival - 1997 Highlights EN00516A.gif (885 bytes) Listen to some cuts


Highlights from the 6th annual North American Jew's Harp Festival. A wide variety of Jew's harp music ranging from ol' fiddle tunes, to mild Rock-n-Roll, to spontaneous jams of worldly essence. Some of the best Jew's harpist in North America. A quality recording! You won't believe it was recorded live.

A percentage of all sales is paid
directly to the Jew's Harp Guild.

Songs and Performers

1. "8th of January" Larry Hanks (Jew's Harp)

2. "Naughty Sweetie Blues"
Bill Gohring (Jew'sHarp),
Janet Gohring (Vocals, Piano)

3. "Crawdad Hole" Eagle Creek Gully Stompers
Band Scramble Band #2

4. "FiveFoot Two" Gordon Frazier (Jew's Harp)

5. Gordon Frazier (Kubing)

6. "Tumbleweed" Jim Nelson (Vocals, Guitar), Denise Harrington (Jew's Harp), Susan Koch (Dumbek)

7. "Black Mountain Rag" Fish and Scales

8. "Turkey in the Straw for Fred"
Bill Gohring (Jew's Harp)

9. "Brass Jam" Wayland Harman (Brass Harp),
Gordon (Clackamore)

10. "Grand Jam" Everyone
(you figure out who's playing what!)

11. "Jew's Harp Bill" Bill (Jew's Harp),
Janet (Vocals, Piano)

12. "Orange Blossom Special"
Chuck Morgan (Guitar), Ed Morgan (Fiddle),
Jules DeGiulio (Jew's Harp),Wayland (Clackamore)

13. "Eric's Reel" Eric Leffingwell (Dulcimer),
Bill (Jew's Harp),Wayland (Jew's harp, Clackamore)

14. "Jealousy and Lies" Michael Bruesch (Vocals,
Guitar),Bill (Jew's Harp), Wayland (Didjeridu),
Mark (Vocals, Clackamore), Ingrid Berkhout (shaker)

15. "BMW Jam" Bill (Jew's Harp),
Wayland (Jew's Harp), Mark Poss (Clackamore)

16. "The Nightmares They Embrace"
Curtis Chamberlain (Vocals,Guitar), Fred Crane
(Jew's Harp), Erick Johnston (Bowed Psaltry)

17. "Swing Down Under" Gordon (Jew's Harp)
Wayland (Didjeridu)

18. "Ragtime Anne"
Chuck Morgan (Guitar), Ed Morgan (Fiddle),
Betty Morgan(Guitar), Jules (Jew's Harp)

19. Jules DeGiulio (Jew's Harp)

20. "Oregon Swales" Fish and Scales


Rick Toews (Guitar), Larry Hanks (Jew's Harp),
Dirk Evans (Ashiko, Jew's Harp), Ron Moss (Jew's harp)

This information is included in the CD insert:

THE JEW'S HARP is a small musical instrument which is held against the teeth or lips, and plucked with the fingers. Its appearance in many cultures of the world, and ancient roots, attest to the magical essence of this simple instrument.

THE JEW'S HARP GUILD is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the history and art of this, and other, ancient, unique, or culturally significant acoustic instruments.

The North American Jew's Harp Festival (NAJHF) is an annual musical event with a special emphasis on Jew's harps. The atmosphere is relaxed and casual , with lots of friendly jamming, sharing, and learning from each other.

For more information contact us at:

The Jew's Harp Guild, PO Box 92, Sumpter, OR 97877,
or use your favorite search engine to find the
"Jew's Harp Guild" on the World Wide Web.

Recording Engineer: Dan Gossi
Sound Engineer: Mark D. Poss
Post-Production Supervisor: Wayland Harman
Cover Artwork: Gordon Frazier (Jew's harp compass)
Cover Design: Mark D. Poss

Total Time : 54:13

The residents and community of Richland, Oregon
The Eagle Valley Grange
Jew's Harp Guild members around the world
NAJHF participants, past and present
(sorry you all couldn't appear on this recording)
Audio Lab - Boise, Idaho
Erick Gulbranson - Boise, Idaho

All selections are Public Domain, spontaneous music,
or original compositions of the performers.

"Tumbleweed" Copyright 1997 by Jim Nelson - Used by permission

"Jealousy and Lies" Copyright 1983 by Michael Bruesch - Used by permission

"The Nightmares You Embrace" Copyright 1996 by Curtis Chamberlain -Used by permission

Published and distributed by Mouth Music Press,

PO Box 6444 Boise, ID 83707
Copyright 1997 by The Jew's Harp Guild - Used by agreement
All rights reserved

In an effort to maintain the true quality of the festival,
a minimum of post-production effects were used on this recording.