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Tips & Tricks

Storing your Trumps

From a single instrument to an entire collection, how you store and transport your Trumps is important!
No one wants their instruments broken... or in an accident-waiting-to-happen circumstance. Given proper storage, care and maintenance, most trumps can last for many years. Storage methods can be as simple as a notched block of wood (fig.1), or as convenient as utilizing some found object (fig.2), to constructing your own elaborate one-of-a-kind storage system.

Here are some examples:

Fig.1 - Blocks - 4 Wimmers
Fig.1 - Simple holders

(Constructed from blocks of wood thick enough to protect the trigger. Simply notch the center of each end 90 degrees apart to store as many as four trumps per block. Secure with a rubber band.)








 Trump kit from half a chess set.

Fig. 2 - Trump kit from half of a chess set
(An old chess set deep enough to close without damaging the trump's triggers. Some non-toxic foam or bubble-wrap may be placed inside to prevent the instruments from falling when set vertically.)

Mark's old traveling Trump and percussion kit in a toolbox

Fig. 3 - Mark's old traveling Trump and percussion kit in a toolbox
(By positioning the wood boxes so the lids slide open to the center, I have shelves to lay out the most used 'harps for the gig. My drumstick pouch lays on top to keep things from moving when the case is vertical. A bit of non-toxic foam in each wood box keeps the trumps in place.)

Szilágyi Black Fire Chromatic Set

Fig. 4 - Szilágyi chromatic set box
(Trumps are stored on their sides with the triggers overlapping. A bit of non-toxic foam keeps them in place.)

Cigar box gig kit

Fig. 5 - Cigar box gig kit
(with room for a chromatic set of BlackFires, plus harmonicas, kazoo, Clackamores and misc. Everything needed to make it through a jam session.)

Whitlow in case

Fig.  6 - Whitlow Case
(Whitlows come in a plastic case cushioned by non-toxic foam. This is fine for turmps with short triggers. The plastic does not hold up to being dropped however.)

Remember to always:

  • Wipe your trumps dry after each use to prevent oxidation and other nasty stuff from building up.

  • Clean your trumps often. A "burnishing wheel" such as found in Dremel tool kits (or any hardware store) works great to remove oxidation and such. Be very careful (don't rub too hard), rinse in clean water to remove the remnant dust, and dry thoroughly with a clean cloth. Some trump makers use an oil-based coating to prevent oxidation. They suggest using only soap and water... no alcohol.

  • Keep a bag of desiccant (moisture absorber) in your kit, especially in humid environments, to prevent oxidation. Change it often. (Desiccant can be found in many boxes that have shipped electronic components and other items... it's the stuff that says "Do Not Eat.")


(Jews Harps)

MouthBows Clackamore Humanatone Recordings Publications Piano Key
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